Thursday, November 20, 2008

Me Gusta L'Independent Music Awards Finaliste...

Ahhh...another year of red, blue and green stickers behind us! The team here at MRG has put together the list of finalists for the IMA's!! Turns out, this year was more difficult than we could have imagined...hours of sitting around a table debating vocals, instrumentation, a bridge or who gets the last drop of coffee and Chips Ahoy. After discovering some pretty dope, up and coming, indie artists and falling for some new genres of music for my ipod library (seriously thinking of dropping e and going clubbing) we are all ready to dive back into our personal playlists.

Some of my favs from this year:
Joel Plaskett Emergency
- The "Fashionable People" track they entered is wonderfully poppy
The Parlotones
April Smith
I love her, she's playing Blender Theatre 12/21 and NJPAC 1/24
The Redwalls
(they are pretty mainstream now I think...but indie nonetheless)
Val Emmich (who submitted again, he is super poppy and won last year for this video
made an appearance as the gay hottie on 30 Rock (new episode tonight!!) and he's on Ugly Betty now....saw him live, he made us uncomfortable, but he's good. He's really a gay way)
The Swimmers (Anyone on the Mad Dragon Record Label is great Indie Rock)
Elephone (wowza...the singer is the guy from Monster Squad!!)
Born Ruffians
Fancey (album name = "Shmancey") <---- so clever =)

Casual Projects The video for "Move Along" is weird...I want to make a music video

El Guante
My brother Sean would LOVE them! I will have to let him know, but he's busy getting married this weekend!! =)
Sweatshop Union
They are from Canada...but they are REALLY good!
Wondur of Dynamic Vibrations

Folk/Singer Songwriter (if you're into it)
Anders Osborne
Kirsty McGee (That Tom Waits kinda thing...paired with Marie Couttliard (sp?) "La Vie En Rose")
Jim Boggia
Eric Wilson (lovely voice)

There are plenty others (in tons of other categories) you can discover for yourself....If you're really into it, you can check out the video finalists, (highly recommended), album finalists and design finalists!

Check out ALL the finalists & vote for the 2009 Independent Music Award Winners here

Monday, November 17, 2008

Brotherly Love w/ KOL

Photo shoot ---->
We headed to the 2hr set after hanging out at a blue-collar (absolute shit) tavern called Oscar's. Electric Factory is was over a highway far removed from any local watering hole (and quite a ways from our hotel when it was POURING after the show), but it was intimate, plenty of vodka in their mixed drinks, the sound was perfect, the backdrop lighting was awesome (similar to the white lights in the "On Call" video) AND it smelled like delicious, dingy beer basement to boot so I give it an A-.

KOL....Drinkin' and smokin' on stage.....they really are the epitome of rock stars! Totally full of themselves and they are so deliberate when they lean their heads back to chug their beer bottles and intentionally blow huge clouds of smoke from their cigarettes in the same fashion. The drummer showed off his ability to play his drums while making perfectly round, pink Bubbalicious bubbles (what a show off). The backup vocals were my favorite part...that, and the even MORE mellow, MORE painful, BLEEDING version of Cold Desert.

Caleb moved away from the mic occasionally to rock with the band, spitting on stage every chance he got. He came to the front of the stage to hear the audience chant during Knocked Up and watch the spotlights blind the crowd of 25-30yr olds who can't dance but certainly know how to chant a chorus and clap hands in unison...and then for Black Thumbnail in the finale, they all fuckin' went crazy on their sick. Other than that, they were pretty laid back and didn't talk to the crowd that much. Couple shout outs to the openers, and Caleb mentioned that Philly always "surprises the guys" with their enthusiasm.....Philly is Philly ya know....but they are going to ROCK MSG, I know it!!!

Did a video diary of the weekend...more to follow...

Set list
Sex On Fire
Molly's Chambers
Taper Jean Girl
My Party
King Of The Rodeo
California Waiting
Four Kicks
The Bucket
Use Somebody
On Call
Cold Desert
Slow Night So Long
Knocked Up
Black Thumbnail

Bonus track -----> Virg's night out