Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pushing and pulling weight

I didn't watch the Grammy's....and I wanted to. We don't have cable and Rick was not into finding the broadcast online. I miss my music. I miss punks at the mall, the city skyline, our small backyard.

I think it's winter getting the best of me...but sometimes I want to be that shitty New Jerseyean again. The one that goes to VFW shows and lives close to kids they've known since they were 8yrs old. The one that takes the Path train to Christopher St. and gets lost staring up at all the tall buildings. The one that gets drunk around a campfire at house parties, the one that is nothing like "the Jersey Shore" folks. I'm not ashamed to miss NJ. There is so much about it to hate from the outside...but God... who doesn't love hiking at 10am and then going to the mall for Master Wok and soft serve ice cream. Wait, maybe I just miss being 20...

I just need a house party with the OG's. Miss you guys.