Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back in the USA

Back! Back home! Oddly enough...nothing has changed. All of these little universes go on every day around the world without anyone knowing. People get older and sometimes younger....skinnier and fatter...less aware and more accepting...but in a week they will all be the same again.

Been so busy preparing for our cross country trip that my journal took the back seat. So much to write about, I have decided to finally start a book. When we return from our national park extravaganza, I will sit at the computer all day and all night and write. Maybe something for the kids...talking trees and organic soil with a personality disorder. Not too sure yet. Until then, we're headed west.

Congrats Joelle on the amazing progress at Planet Verge! I am inspired and so excited for you...KUDOS! Ms. Smith sounds amazing on your stage!